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July 2015

22 July: Book launch of the first volume in the new Oxford University Press series on non-territorial autonomy, Budapest, Hungary – see Blog on this website

14-15 July: Participated in the meeting of the Organizing Committee of the European Language Diversity Summit 2016, Donostia/San Sebastian, Spain

1 July: Gave a talk on the topic Minorities and Kin-States at the Danish retreat Løgumkloster

June 2015

15-19 June: Attended the 53rd meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention, Strasbourg, France

8 June: Gave a talk on diplomacy to the students of the European Studies Programme at Europa-University Flensburg

5-7 June: Attended the ECMI Conference, “The 1990 CSCE Copenhagen Document: East-West Encounters and Evolutions of the Minority Regime in Europe” at Sankelmark near Flensburg, Germany

2 June: Hosted the Council of Europe Special Representative on Roma, Mr. Ulrich Bunjes at ECMI, Flensburg

May 2015

19 May: Chaired the annual Minority Roundtable in the Danish-German border region on the topic of how to count members of minorities, Flensburg, Germany

14 May: Chaired the first meeting of the Steering Committee for the ECMI Eastern Partnership Programme in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, Chisinau, Moldova

April 2015

24 April: Chaired two panels at the 20th annual conference of the Association for the Studies of Nationalities (ASN) in New York.

March 2015

22-28 Mar: Participated in the visit to Georgia of the Working Group  of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention.

17 Mar: Gave an address to the Committee of Experts on the European Language Charter for Regional or Minority Languages on the occassion of its 50th meeting, Strasbourg, France

16-19 Mar: Attended the 52nd meeting of the Advisory Committee on the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, Strasbourg, France

February 2015

4 Feb: Met with the Federal German Commissioner for Affairs related to Resettlers and National Minorities at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Berlin.

January 2015

26 Jan: Presented a chapter on Greenland in the post-war period with specific focus on Denmark’s role (in Danish). The chapter will be published later this year in a volume issues by the Aaland Islands Peace Institute and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

21-22 Jan: Hosted the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities at the European Centre for Minority Issues, Flensburg.

December 2014

11 Dec: Chaired a roundtable on collaboration between academia and the public sector, NGOs at the TRIG2014 conference “Translation Research for Industry and Governance, Brussels. The TRIG conference was the final event of the FP7 project TIME (Translation Research Training: An integrated and intersectoral model for Europe).

1-5 Dec: Attended the 51st meeting of the Advisory Committee on the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, Strasbourg, France

November 2014

28 Nov: Represented the ACFC at the conference, “Sami, the People, their Culture and Languages and the Council of Europe” in the Sajos, Inari, Finland 27-29 November 2014

21 Nov: “Cultural Competencies and national minorities,” at conference Civic Representation and Political Participation of National and Ethnic Minorities organized by the European Parliament in the Serbian Parliament, 20-21 November 2014

20 Nov: “Collective human rights are institutional rights,” Seventh Budapest Human Rights Forum, 20-21 November 2014

October 2014

24 Oct: “Minorities in the 21st Century: New narratives, new discourses in Europe” Minorities and Globalization, University of Rennes 2, Rennes, 23-24 October 2014

10 Oct: Participated in an international workshop “National Policies Regarding a State’s ‘Own’ National Minorities in Other Countries: A Comparative Perspective” hosted by the University of Bamberg and funded by the European Network for Remembrance and Solidarity.

July 2014

14 Jul: “Political Participation and Cultural Minorities in Europe: A Continuum of Institutional Approaches,” Global Minority Rights Summer School, Budapest, July 2014

June 2014

18 Jun: Honoured to take up my task as full member of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities in respect of Denmark

14 Jun: “Social Justice and Cultural Minorities in Post-Conflict Settings: Any Role for Restorative Justice?” European Forum for Restorative Justice, Belfast, 11-14 June 2014


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