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March 2021

25.3: Keynote lecture, Consultative Mechanisms between Designated Bodies on Ethnic Policies and National Minorities: Good Practices from the OSCE Region, OSCE Webinar Series for The State Service of Ukraine for Ethnic Affairs and Freedom of Conscience, Kyiv, Ukraine

December 2020

18.12: Presentation,The FCNM and the rights of Greenlanders living in Denmark, Danish Parliament, Committee on Greenlandic Affairs, Copenhagen, Denmark

September 2020

29.9: Presentation, Policies of Autonomy, at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly: Moldova High Level Dialogue, Copenhagen, Denmark, webinar

16.9: Keynote lecture, Minority Rights: Definitions, Concepts, Approaches, Special Issues, at the OSCE Webinar Series National Minorities: Definitions, Laws, Recommendations; with a particular focus on Ukraine, OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine, webinar

9.9: Opening lecture, Non-Territorial Autonomy (NTA): The Research Field, at the First ENTAN Training School, 8-11 September 2020, Flensburg, Germany and Sønderborg, Denmark, hybrid audience

9.9: Lecture, Non-Territorial Autonomy (NTA): Methodological Aspects, at the First ENTAN Training School, 8-11 September 2020, Flensburg, Germany and Sønderborg, Denmark, hybrid audience

4.9: Presentation, Concepts of Non-Territorial Autonomy (NTA): Autonomy, or Arrangements? at the International Symposium, Minorities, Autonomies and Referenda, 3-5 September 2020, Walther Schücking Institute for International Law, CAU zu Kiel, Germany

August 2020

25.8: Keynote lecture at the Law on the Bospherus International Human Rights Summer School, University of Istanbul and University of Leiden, COVID-19 and the right to information: minorities and vulnerable groups, webinar

December 2019

3.12: Keynote speaker at the seminar, The Bubi Minority in Equatorial Guinea: Reflections on its Reality, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Bilbao, Spain

November 2019

22-23.11: Participated in the first ENTAN (European Non-Territorial Autonomy Network) conference, Non-Territorial Autonomy as a Form of Plurinational Democracy: Participation, Recognition, Reconciliation, and delivered the opening statement, Belgrade, Serbia

14.11: Moderated the panel, “Effective participation in social and economic life: the role of national minorities in regional development” at the HCNM Conference, From Lund to Ljubljana: Promoting Participation of National Minorities as a Pathway to Integration of Diverse Societies, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Lund University, Sweden

October 2019

31.10: Delivered expert opinion on “Drafting domestic legislation provisioning national minority rights: The Council of Europe perspective” at panel discussions on the Armenian draft Law on National Minorities, Issues, Concerns and Opportunities, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia

23.10: Participated in roundtable discussion “Europe as guarantor of the rights of speakers of European endangered or minoritized languages” at the European Meeting on Language Rights. Language Rights in Europe: Theory & local implementations, organized by the Conseil Culturel de Bretagne, Kevre Breizh and ELEN (European Language Equality Network), Rennes, France

September 2019

20.9: Participated in panel on language rights and national minorities at the annual Slofest (Festival of the Slovenes in Italy), Trieste, Italy

16-20.9: Keynote speaker at the international Conference, Societies and Spaces in Contact: Between Convergence and Divergence, Portoroz/Portorose, Slovenia

July 2019

5.7: Keynote speaker at the First UK National Minority Summit, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

June 2019

26-28: Participated in the Sixth Annual Conference of the International Association of Language Commissioners titled “Protecting Linguistic Minorities, Building Stronger Societies: The Language Commissioner Model of Human Rights Protection,” Toronto, Canada and spoke in the panel, “Setting European Standards for Minority Language Protection: Successes, Challenges, and Best Practices.”

6.6: Participated in the second Management Committee meeting of the COST network ENTAN (European Non-Territorial Autonomy Network) and first meeting of Working Group 3 on Regional and Socio-Economic Development: Incentives and Resources, Skopje, North Macedonia

May 2019

2-4.5: Participated in the annual Association of Nationality Studies Convention and presented paper on (In)effective Multilateralism: The conundrum of non-recognized entities in the implementation of international norms on human and minority rights, New York, USA

April 2019

Publishing of second edited volume of the textbook Minority Issues in Europe: New Ideas and Approaches (with Caitlin Boulter) – see also blog post on this website

March 2019

5.3: Presented the final report on Executive Structures and Consultative Mechanisms in Ukraine in a Comparative Perspective to Ukrainian authorities and stakeholders, Kyiv, Ukraine

12.3: Presented on indicators for intangible cultural heritage at the Regionaldagen, Bov, Denmark

February 2019

28.2: Participated in the first Management Committee meeting of the COST network ENTAN (European Non-Territorial Autonomy Network), Brussels, Belgium

20.2: Participated in meeting with the evaluation panel of the European Studies Programme at the Europa-Universität Flensburg, Flensburg, Germany

17-19.2: Presented at the annual Citizens’ Accord Roundtable between Palestinian-Arabs and Israelis, Jerusalem, Israel

15.2: Chaired expert meeting on monitoring human and minority rights in non-recognized entities, ECMI, Flensburg, Germany

11.2: Press release issued:

In connection with the announcement of the position of Director as vacant, the Director of European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI), Prof. Dr. Tove H. Malloy acknowledges the decision by the ECMI Executive Board to solicit expressions of interest from a wider field of candidates and understands that the decision reflects a routine process in accordance with general practice in Germany. The Director further emphasizes: “I welcome the Board’s transparent approach and desire to secure the best qualified person to take the ECMI to new heights in the next 5-year period. I will follow the Board’s encouragement to submit my candidacy to the selection committee, and I am ready to continue my strong commitment to the Centre with all the energy it takes.”

7-8.2: Chaired expert meeting on National Minorities and Regional Development, ECMI, Flensburg, Germany

January 2019

31.1: Participated in consultations on FCNM 5th cycle monitoring, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France

December 2018

7.12: Chaired expert meeting on Institutional Completeness in Canada, ECMI, Flensburg, Germany

November 2018

29-30.11: Participated in annual UN Minority Forum on Statelessness, Geneva, Switzerland

19.11: Expert statement on Ukrainian Law on Education, DROI Committee, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

October 2018

31.10: Keynote speech on “Minority Rights in Europe” Afrikaan Beraad 2018, Pretoria, South Africa

September 2018

15.9: Delivered presentation on “Women in Minorities: Monitoring Gender Equality in Law and Practice” at the Herbsforum of the Frauenbruecke Ost-West, Nordsee Akademi, Leck, Germany

11.9: Attended the 20th anniversary of the Language Charter celebrations, Kiel, Germany

3.9: Delivered the opening lecture of the 8th annual ECMI Summer School at Centre Coppieters, Brussels, Belgium

August 2018

28-29.8: Hosted the OSCE HCNM at the ECMI HQ, Flensburg, Germany

July 2018

16.7: Attended the OSCE conference, “10th Anniversary of the Bolzano/Bozen Recommendations on National Minorities in Inter-State Relations: New Challenges and Lessons Learned” and acted as discussant in panel on “State Policies in Serbia, Hungary and Uzbekistan”, Udine, Italy

15.7: Participated in the HCNM Expert Workshop on the Bolzano/Bozen Recommendations, Udine, Italy

June 2018

25-26.6: Conducted assessment meetings on executive structures and consultative mechanisms for minority participation, Council of Europe, Kyiv, Ukraine

21.6: Attended and presented at the seminar on “L’Autonomie des territoires: Regards croises Corse, Outre-Mer et examples internationaux”, French Assembly, Paris, France

18-19.6: Attended the 20th anniversary conference of the FCNM and the Language Charter and chaired the panel on Civil Society Participation, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France

11.6: Introduced and taught the first class of the week-long MA seminar in European Politics and Minority Issues at the OSCE Academy, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

4.6: Chaired the Annual ECMI Minority Roundtable on “The SafePack – what next?” at the ECMI, Flensburg, Germany

2.6: Participated in “Debatmøde” in connection with the Danish minority’s annual meetings, Flensborghus, Flensburg, Germany

May 2018

28-31.5: Attended the 62nd plenary meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention, Strasbourg, France.

17-18.5: Participated in academic conference, “European narratives of crisis”, University of Helsinki

April 2018

27.4: Participated in ACFC working group meeting on Switzerland, Paris, France

20.4: Chaired ECMI expert workshop on Central Asia, ECMI HQ, Flensburg, Germany

18.4: Attended first meeting of the Schleswig-Holstein committee on 2020 cross-border celebrations, Kiel, Germany

March 2018

21.3: Guest lecture, “Asymmetric Governance in Europe seen through the lens of
Protection of Ethno-Cultural Minority Identities”, Centre for Constitution Studies, Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

20-24.3: Participated in Conference on “Asymmetry in decentralised systems – balancing regional diversity with national harmony”, organised by Max Plank Foundation and Max Plank Institute (Heidelberg), Centre for Constitution Studies (Andalas University), Centre for Anti-Corruption Studies (UGM) – and Curtin University (Perth), Jakarta and Padang, Indonesia

15.3: Chaired ECMI expert workshop on Moldova, ECMI HQ, Flensburg, Germany

13-14.3: Co-chaired and participated in Book Launch Conference on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities: Taking Stock after 20 Years organized by the ECMI and the Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany

12.3: Attended Dialogue Forum Norden meeting at Knivsberg, Denmark

5-8.3: Participated in ACFC country visit to Switzerland

February 2018

19-23.2: Attended the 61st plenary meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention, Strasbourg, France.

16.2: Chaired ECMI expert workshop on Georgia, ECMI HQ, Flensburg, Germany

12.2: Chaired roundtable “Fostering inter-ethnic dialogue in Ukraine” at the Office of the President of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

7.2: Presented latest ECMI research and activities to the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag’s Committee on European Affairs at ECMI HQ, Flensburg, Germany

December 2017

8.12: Opened the ECMI side event on Bridge Building and Integration in Diverse Societies at the OSCE Ministerial Council 2017, Hofburg, Vienna, Austria

6.12: Met with the Dean of Research of the University of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia

6.12: Chaired inaugural meeting with the ECMI’s new partner the Centre for the Studies of Ethnicity and Multiculturalism (CSEM), University of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia

5.12: Chaired the ECMI Roundtable, “Georgia on a Path towards European Integration: Challenges and Perspectives” at the EU and NATO Information Center, Tbilisi, Georgia

1.12: Presented research on national minorities in border regions at the FUEN Conference, Deeply rooted in the regions. Minority communities and language groups in the EU regions, at the Committee of the Regions, Brussels, Belgium

November 2017

28.11: Guest lectured on The Protection of National Minorities in the Context of Democratization at the EU E.MA Programme 2017/18, Lido de Venezia, Italy

22.11: Participated in the ECMI Executive Board meeting, Flensburg, Germany

14.11: Attended the launch of the OSCE/HCNM Recommendations on Access to Justice and National Minorities, University of Graz, Austria

6-10.11: Attended the 60th plenary meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention, Strasbourg, France.

2.11: Gave inaugural lecture as Professor at the Europa University Flensburg on the topic, The dynamics of minority-majority relations in Europe: Emerging paradigm shift, or old wine in new bottles?

October 2017

11.10: Participated in expert roundtable workshop on HCNM Guidelines on National Minorities and the Media in the Digital Age organised by the HCNM Office and the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

10.10: Met with new High Commissioner on National Minorities, Mr. Lamberto Zannier, The Hague, The Netherlands

5.10: Attended DFN lunch with German President Steinmeier, Flensborghus

September 2017

10.9: Introduced and lectured at the ECMI Summer School 2017, Flensburg, Germany

June 2017

19-23.6: Attended the 59th plenary meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention, Strasbourg, France.

12.6: Participated in public hearing on Denmark’s new strategies for Georgia and Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen, Denmark

8.6: Guest lectured on working in diplomacy at the European Studies Programme, European University, Flensburg, Germany

May 2017

31.5: Guest lectured on “The dynamics of minority-majority relations in Europe: Emerging paradigm shift, or old wine in new bottles?”, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, University of Lund, Sweden

30.5: Participated in the ECMI Executive Board, Copenhagen, Denmark

19.8: Chaired the 3rd Steering Committee meeting of the ECMI Eastern Partnership Programme, National Minorities and Ethno-Political Issues: Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

15-18.5: Attended and chaired the final conferences of the ECMI Eastern Partnership Programme, National Minorities and Ethno-Political Issues: Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

8.5: Chaired the 8th ECMI Minority Roundtable titled, Languages and National Identity, Kompagnietor, Flensburg, Germany

April 2017

11-12.4: Attended and co-chaired the ECMI-EURAC conference, “What’s in a Name? Extending the Existing Scope of Protection for National Minorities to Migrant Communities in Europe” in Villa Vigoni, at Lake Como, Italy

March 2017

27-28.3: Attended the opening ceremony of the Center for East European and International Studies (ZOiS) and the 2017 ZOiS Conference, A New Research Agenda on Eastern Europe, Berlin, Germany

6-10.3: Attended the 58th plenary meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention, Strasbourg, France.

February 2017

25.2: Keynote speech, The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities and the Cornish People, delivered at the Cornish Language Festival, Penzance, UK

8.2: Gave deposition to the European Affairs Committee of the Schleswig-Holstein parliament, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein

Januar 2017

18.1: Presented paper, The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities: Implementing the right to information through Article 9 at the TAIEX workshop, The Right to Information of People Belonging to Minorities, Belgrade, Serbia

December 2016

17.12: Presented the Protocol to Ensure Language Rights to the general public at its launch in Donostia/San Sebastian, Spain

16.12: Participated in roundtable discussion on a European Language Policy at the UNESCO-organised conference, European Language Diversity Forum, Donostia/San Sebastian, Spain

9.12: Moderated panel on National Minorities, Bridge Building and Integration, side event of the OSCE Ministerial Council 2016, Hamburg, Germany

November 2016

14-18.11: Participated in the visit to Kosovo of the Working Group  of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention.

10-11.11: Participated in the OSCE SHDM on National Minorities, Bridge Building and Integration, Vienna, Austria

9.11: Presented paper, European Minority Rights Law: Unilateral Legislation in Favour of Kin-Minorities at the conference, The Promotion of National Minorities by their ‘Mother-Countries’ in Central and Eastern Europe during the 20th and 21st Centuries, 9-11.11., Berlin, Germany

8.11: Participated in panel discussion on Cultural Diversity in the Baltic Sea Region at the 7th annual EU Strategy Baltic Sea Region Forum, Stockholm, Sweden

October 2016

26.10: Keynote presentation at the conference , Improving the legal framework and policies: Draft law on the protection of national minorities in the Republic of Albania organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tirana, Albania

10-14.10: Attended the 57th plenary meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention, Strasbourg, France.

September 2016

27-27.9: Chaired panel on Constitutional and Ethnic Dialogue Discourse in Europe at the Robert Bosch Academy workshop, Shared Societies – Approaches to Minority Related Issues in Europe and Israel, Berlin, Germany

5.9: Keynote lecture, The Dynamics of Europe’s Minority-Majority Discourses: From ‘Minority’ to ‘Co-Nation’? at the opening of the semester at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands

August 2016

29.8 – 3.9: Introduced and lectured at the ECMI Summer School 2016, Lviv, Ukraine

June 2016

16 June: Presented assessment of the fundamental rights of national minorities in the EU in 2015 to the LIBE Committee, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

14 June: Guest lecture on international diplomacy at European Studies, Europa-Universität-Flensburg, Germany

13 June: Hosted and chaired meeting with newly appointed Prof. Dr. Nils Langer, Europa-Universität-Flensburg, at the ECMI, Flensburg, Germany

7 June: Hosted the VP of Europa-Universität-Flensburg at the ECMI, Flensburg, Germany

2-3 June: Chaired the ECMI Conference “Non-Territorial National-Cultural Self-Government: Ukrainian Perspectives” hosted by the Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

May 2016

31 May: Chaired and hosted an Arab-Israeli delegation of Knesset members, Flensburg, Germany

23-27 May: Attended the 56th plenary meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention, Strasbourg, France.

10-11 May: Chaired the first co-operation meeting between the ECMI and the University of Swansea, Flensburg, Germany

April 2016

26-29 April: Attended the 11th CAHROM meeting and introduced the ECMI as new partner, Sofia, Bulgaria

20-21 April: Attended the 20th Anniversary of The Hague Recommendations organised by the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, The Hague, The Netherlands

18 April: Chaired the presentation and public consultations of the Protocol to Safeguard European Language Equality elaborated by civil society organisations in the Basque Countries, Flensburg, Germany

15-16 April: Chaired the ECMI Seminar on “Strategies and Techniques for overcoming Tensions in Relations between Central Governments and Autonomous Units” addressing the Gagauz case, Vadul lui Vodă, Moldova

11 April: Hosted delegation of SPD Schleswig-Holstein headed by Ralf Stegner, MgL, at the ECMI, Flensburg, Germany

March 2016

21-22 March: Participated in Liechtenstein Institute Colloquium on “Reconciling Self-determination and Territorial Integrity: Models of Self-Governance as Tools to Promote Peace and Stability in Europe” in Triesenberg, Liechtenstein

7-11 March: Participated in the visit to the United Kingdom of the Working Group  of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention.

February 2016

22-26 Feb: Attended the 55th plenary meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention, Strasbourg, France.

4 Feb: Participated in the consultations on the 4th Thematic Commentary on the scope of application of the Advisory Committee, Vienna, Austria

2 Feb: Gave a presentation on “Minority Education Governance” in the European Parliament, Strasbourg, France

January 2016

12 Jan: Participated in the launch of the German OSCE Chairmanship at the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin, Germany

December 2015

7-11 Dec: Participated in the visit to Hungary of the Working Group  of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention.

November 2015

16-19 Nov: Attended the 54th plenary meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention, Strasbourg, France.

13 Nov: Gave a presentation to the Symposium “Minorities of the North” at the Danish Central Library for South Schleswig, Flensburg, Germany.

11 Nov: Publishing of second volume in the OUP series on non-territorial autonomy, Minority Accommodation through Territorial and Non-Territorial Autonomy (with Francesco Palermo) – see also blog post on this website

3-5 Nov: Gave lecture on “Managing Diversity through Non-Territorial Autonomy” at the 2nd International Roundtable of Researchers, Academics and Practitioners at Tel Aviv University and a presentation to the 2nd Citizen Accord Forum on”Building Shared Society in Sustainable Democracies” in Jerusalem, Israel.

3 Nov: Gave a dinner talk “Deliberative Dialogue as applied in the Danish-German Border Region” to a group of ultra-Orthodox Jewish women in Elad, Israel.

October 2015

15 Oct: Participated in the Advisory Committee Conference on Minority Rights in Divided Societies in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

September 2015

28 Sep: Gave a presentation on women in minorities to the joint meeting of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Committees on Gender and Minorities based on ECMI Issue Brief #36 titled “Minority Women’s Hard Choices when seeking Redress for Multiple Discrimination”

July 2015

22 July: Book launch of the first volume in the new Oxford University Press series on non-territorial autonomy, Managing Diversity through Non-Territorial Autonomy: Assessing Advantages, Deficiencies and Risks, Budapest, Hungary – see also Blog on this website.

14-15 July: Participated in the meeting of the Organizing Committee of the European Language Diversity Summit 2016, Donostia/San Sebastian, Spain

1 July: Gave a talk on the topic Minorities and Kin-States at the Danish retreat Løgumkloster

June 2015

15-19 June: Attended the 53rd meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention, Strasbourg, France

8 June: Gave a talk on diplomacy to the students of the European Studies Programme at Europa-University Flensburg

5-7 June: Attended the ECMI Conference, “The 1990 CSCE Copenhagen Document: East-West Encounters and Evolutions of the Minority Regime in Europe” at Sankelmark near Flensburg, Germany

2 June: Hosted the Council of Europe Special Representative on Roma, Mr. Ulrich Bunjes at ECMI, Flensburg

May 2015

19 May: Chaired the annual Minority Roundtable in the Danish-German border region on the topic of how to count members of minorities, Flensburg, Germany

14 May: Chaired the first meeting of the Steering Committee for the ECMI Eastern Partnership Programme in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, Chisinau, Moldova

April 2015

24 April: Chaired two panels at the 20th annual conference of the Association for the Studies of Nationalities (ASN) in New York.

March 2015

22-28 Mar: Participated in the visit to Georgia of the Working Group  of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention.

17 Mar: Gave an address to the Committee of Experts on the European Language Charter for Regional or Minority Languages on the occassion of its 50th meeting, Strasbourg, France

16-19 Mar: Attended the 52nd meeting of the Advisory Committee on the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, Strasbourg, France

February 2015

4 Feb: Met with the Federal German Commissioner for Affairs related to Resettlers and National Minorities at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Berlin.

January 2015

26 Jan: Presented a chapter on Greenland in the post-war period with specific focus on Denmark’s role (in Danish). The chapter will be published later this year in a volume issues by the Aaland Islands Peace Institute and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

21-22 Jan: Hosted the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities at the European Centre for Minority Issues, Flensburg.

December 2014

11 Dec: Chaired a roundtable on collaboration between academia and the public sector, NGOs at the TRIG2014 conference “Translation Research for Industry and Governance, Brussels. The TRIG conference was the final event of the FP7 project TIME (Translation Research Training: An integrated and intersectoral model for Europe).

1-5 Dec: Attended the 51st meeting of the Advisory Committee on the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, Strasbourg, France

November 2014

28 Nov: Represented the ACFC at the conference, “Sami, the People, their Culture and Languages and the Council of Europe” in the Sajos, Inari, Finland 27-29 November 2014

21 Nov: “Cultural Competencies and national minorities,” at conference Civic Representation and Political Participation of National and Ethnic Minorities organized by the European Parliament in the Serbian Parliament, 20-21 November 2014

20 Nov: “Collective human rights are institutional rights,” Seventh Budapest Human Rights Forum, 20-21 November 2014

October 2014

24 Oct: “Minorities in the 21st Century: New narratives, new discourses in Europe” Minorities and Globalization, University of Rennes 2, Rennes, 23-24 October 2014

10 Oct: Participated in an international workshop “National Policies Regarding a State’s ‘Own’ National Minorities in Other Countries: A Comparative Perspective” hosted by the University of Bamberg and funded by the European Network for Remembrance and Solidarity.

July 2014

14 Jul: “Political Participation and Cultural Minorities in Europe: A Continuum of Institutional Approaches,” Global Minority Rights Summer School, Budapest, July 2014

June 2014

18 Jun: Honoured to take up my task as full member of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities in respect of Denmark

14 Jun: “Social Justice and Cultural Minorities in Post-Conflict Settings: Any Role for Restorative Justice?” European Forum for Restorative Justice, Belfast, 11-14 June 2014


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