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Cultural Competencies and National Minorities, Civic Representation and Political Participation of National and Ethnic Minorities, 20-21 November 2014

Collective Minority Rights are Institutional Rights, Seventh Budapest Human Rights Forum, 20 November 2014

Minorities in the 21st Century: new narratives, new discourses, Minorities and Globalization, International Symposium, Rennes, France, 23-24 October 2014

Social Justice and Cultural Minorities in Post-Conflict Settings: Any Role for Restorative Justice?, European Forum on Restorative Justice, Belfast, N. Ireland, 11-14 June 2014

Die Bedeutung von Minderheiten in Europa: Vorstellung der tatsächlichen Lage für staatliches Handeln, Seminar CDU Flensburg, Germany, 24 October 2013

Contemporary Accommodation of Minority Groups: A continuum of conflict prevention models, Seminar Supporting the Democratization Process in Turkey, Berghof Foundation/DPI, Berlin, Germany, 23 October 2013

Fra Modspil til Medspil: Nationale mindretal i det moderne Europa: hvordan vender man mange års had til forståelse og samarbejde? Kulturnatten 2013, Ministry of Research and Innovation, Copenhagen, 11 October, 2013

Minorities in the 21st Century: New narratives, new discourses in Europe, Conference, Globalization and Minor Cultural Groups: the role of so-called minority cultures in rethinking the future of modern societies, University of Versailles, 19 June 2013

Minority-majority relations in modern Europe: mechanisms of accommodation, Tutzing Forum: Political Didactics International, Conference, Solving ethno-national conflicts in Europe, Politische Akademie Tutzing and the Center for Civic Education, Tutzing, Germany, 14-19 April 2013

Dimensions of Diversity: The Role of Europe’s Traditional Minorities, International Conference on Democracy and Human Rights 2012 (CODE’12), Budapest, Hungary, 28 June, 2012

Managing Europe’s Regions: The right of Traditional Minorities to Participation, Conference, Minority Rights in Practice, ’Magyarság Háza’ Research Institute on Hungarian Communities Abroad, Budapest, Hungary, 25 November 2011

Collective Autonomy, Minority Rights and Regional Identity: Studying the Variables of National Sovereignty in Europe, International Conference “The Åland Example and its Components: Relevance for International Conflict Resolution, Åland Parliament, Nov 2011

Ethnic diversity and integration of society, Polish EU Presidency Experts’ Seminar “European challenges and approaches to integration of society:  differences and commonalities”, Warsaw, November 2011

Discursive Legacies and the future of National Minorities in Europe, International Conference “National, ethnic and language minorities in the EU” at Lublin University, Poland, September 2011

Perspectives on National Minorities in the 21st Century, University of Georgia, Tbilisi, April 2011

Polity, participation and diversity – discovering new modes of citizenship, at the Challenge the Best Programme 2011of St. Gallen University, titled “The Hidden Potential of Human Diversity”, Switzerland, March 2011

Economic aspects of inherited cultural diversity, “Heritage for the Future” conference, Hungarian Parliament, November 2010

National Minorities in the 21st Century Europe: new discourses, new narratives? Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania, October 2010

Minority Rights and the Dynamics of Europeanization: Convergence in the Regional Governance of the Danish-German Border Region, ECPR Conference “Minority Politics within the Europe of Regions”, Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár, Klausenburg), Romania, June 2010

Creating New Spaces for Politics? The Role of National Minorities in Building Capacity of Cross-Border Regions, PSA Annual Conference, Edinburg, April 2010

The Aspect of Culture in Social Integration Policies concerning Ethnic Minorities: What does a Pluralist Culture look like?, Conference “Inclusion Unaffordable? The Uncertain Fate of Integration Policies and the Demonisation of Minorities and Migrants in Central and Eastern Europe: University of Latvia, Riga, November 2009

Minority Rights and the Dynamics of Europeanization: Convergence in the Regional Governance of the Danish-German Border Region. Or, what one preaches, the other practices, UACES Annual Conference, Angers, France, 3-5 September 2009

Are there any Green Minorities?, ECPR General Conference, PISA, September 2008

Transforming Antagonistic Nationhood: Towards a Contingency Ethics of Agonistic Co-Nationship, Conference “Understanding Conflicts – Cross-Cultural Perspectives”, Århus University, 19-23 August 2008

Regional (cross-border) Development as the New Space for Minority Politics:ex-ante Europeanisation in the Danish-German Border Region?, ECPR Joint Sessions, Rennes, April 2008

Co-Nationhood and Co-Nationship: A Research Framework in Quest of a Philosophy that Binds, ASEN 18th Annual Conference, London School of Economics, April 2008

What do Art. 15 (FCNM) and the Lisbon Strategy have in common? Minority Protection in Transition, Symposium, Uppsala University, 18 November 2007

The value of respect for the rights of persons belonging to minorities in the European Constitution: Convergence of values, or ethics of diversity management? UACES Workshop on EU Values, University of Edinburgh, 19-20 June 2007

Post-Transition Minority Governance: From Protection to Empowerment. International Conference “Minorities in Transition” ICDT, Budapest, 24 May 2007

Identity and Difference in Universal Human Rights: The Problem of Reconciling a Modernity Approach with a Post-Structural Reality. Workshop, Department of Law, European University Institute, Florence, January 2006

The Conventions of the Council of Europe: International Standards for Minorities in Europe. Ringvorlesung Flensburg University, 14 November 2005

The Kurdish Minority in the EU. Workshop on the Kurdish Issue and the EU, European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris, 28 October 2005

Fundamental Rights and National Minorities in the EU, ECMI/IFG Workshop, Flensburg, 16 September 2004

Croatian Constitutional Law on National Minorities, ECMI Research Seminar, Flensburg, 5 May 2004

The Title and the Preamble, Authors’ Workshop on the FCNM Commentary, Cambridge, 20 March 2004


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